International Sports Expertise is the brain child of French physician, Fabien Rabeau.

His knowledge and experience, training some of the world’s most elite athletes and teams, make International Sports Expertise (ISE) an innovative structure for anyone who wants to develop their true potential.

ISE offers an extensive training program (known as “S 4 Performance Only”) and environment where anyone is individually looked after, evaluated and trained.

As an ISE athlete, you will use the latest scientific methods and equipment to build better skills to perform under the stress of competition, prevent injury and help you reach your expectation.


Sport in Life

Sport in Life is a leading importer and distributor of premium sports brands and equipment across the UAE and Arabian Gulf

Polar Heart Rate Monitors, 2XU Performance Gear, Nathan Sports, GU Energy and Aqualyte.

All these products can be found in many stores as well as sportsouq.ae

Sport in Life Distribution is a division of Girot Trading LLC, a family owned trading company established in 1995 in Dubai by Nicolas Girot. The company was created with the goal of driving the distribution of premium sports brands into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries – Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait, as well as to the Republic of Iran.

Sport in Life story began when after living in the UAE for many years, Nicolas Girot realized that some of the best sports performance products available elsewhere in the world were virtually impossible to find in the Middle East. The types of products that make you wish to have during your training for a competition or just a normal everyday workout. Technophile and innovative products that will make you have an accurate, efficient, smart and clever exercise to whatever your level of sports that you are competing at demands



Angelica Horvatic is a passionate Wellness Coach based in Dubai. With a wealth of experience in UK and the Middle East she’s combined her passion for health, fitness and coaching with NLP and Hypnotherapy to ensure her clients achieve, and often exceed, all they’ve ever dreamed of

She has been recognised in Dubai as the leading Wellness Coach for lasting lifestyle change, interviewed regularly for Time Out Dubai, 7 Days, Wellbeing Magazine,  The National, Gulf News, Lancaster Times Magazine, Fitness First Newsletters, www.physique-tv.com

After four years of Law University she decided Fitness and Health would be her true career direction. It was a long and daunting process as she first needed to lose about 20kgs and dramatically change her own approach to food and the exercise. She needed to look and feel good about herself first to be able to help others.

At the same time as helping others achieving their goals, she has pushed her own limits – from total non-sporty kid who continuously struggled with the simplest exercise tasks in the school, overweight 20 yrs old with very poor posture, back and other aches – she is more than successfully running the marathons, competing in numerous adventure races, winning the fitness competitions, competes in world championships, looking and feeling better than ever in her 30’s.

So today she is using her knowledge and expertise to help people break their bad routines, remove their limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns and encourage them, instead, to move forward and develop new, successful and positive habits towards their wellness goals.

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