Bolivian Peaks–6 Peaks in 12 Days!

Climbing 6 peaks ranging from 5320m to 6438m, just in 12 days!


Bolivian peaks 4_thumb[4]


My 12km in 12Days challenge in 2014 was an unforgettable experience, where I met my friend Walter George, AGMP/UIAGM Mountain Guide in Peru, and we aimed to climb two 6000m peaks in twelve days.

This year we’ll be conquering some of the most spectacular peaks in Cordillera Real in Bolivia, home to more than 600 peaks over 5000m.

We are aiming to climb CERRO AUSTRIA, PIRAMIDE BLANCA, PEQUEÑO ALPAMAYO, CABEZA DE CONDOR, HUAYNA POTOSI, and the jewel crown ILLIMANY. Our plan is to conquer all 6 peaks ranging from 5320m to 6438m, just in 12 days!


June 16 – Day 1: Flight from Madrid to Santa Cruz, connecting flight to La Paz

June 17 – Day 2: Arriving in La Paz 3700m – Muela de Diablo acclimatization hike (3825m)

June 18 – Day 3: Basecamp Condoriri, Laguna Chiar Khota (4600m)

June 19 – Day 4: Cerro Austria (5000m)

June 20 – Day 5: Pyramide Blanca (5230m)

June 21 – Day 6: Pequeño Alpamayo (5370m)

June 22 – Day 7: Cabeza de Condor (5483m)

June 23 – Day 8: Rest day in La Paz

June 24 – Day 9: High Camp Huayna Potosi

June 25 – Day 10: Summit Huayna Potosi (6088m) and drive back to La Paz

June 26 – Day 11: Rest day in La Paz

June 27 – Day 12: Base Camp Illimani

June 28 – Day 13: High Camp Illimani

June 29 – Day 14: Summit Illimani (6438m)

June 30 – Day 15: Back to La Paz, end of the expedition


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