How to make my dream come true

My name is Javier, from Spain but based in Dubai, and besides being a Senior IT Engineer, I’m a very passionate climber always looking for challenges to give the best out of me on all diverse adventure sports I practice regularly. I spend most of my free time out of work enjoying all forms of climbing (sport, rock, ice, alpine) all around the World, riding my Harley or my KTM desert motorbike in the dunes, exploring the desert with my Jeep, paragliding in the desert… but my real passion is high altitude climbing, and participating on complex expeditions to the most challenging peaks on Earth.

Last year 2011 I climbed and summited Island Peak in Nepal (6189m), Mt Rainier in the States (4392m), winter climb of Korma Kooh in Iran (4020m), and winter climb of El Naranjo de Bulnes in Spain (2519m). I have also experience climbing many other peaks around the world. This year I’m looking to summit my first 7000 as one more step on the preparation for climbing a big 8000 next year, most probably Everest, which is my dream…

I’m also an IT Geek, and as many of my peers I love exploring the market seeking for new gadgets that I can use during my adventures. I use every piece of technology that can help organizing my adventures and improving my chances getting to up to the summit of my beautiful peaks…
Today I want to start blogging about the challenges I have to face when doing something that seems quite simple, but it can become a full time job: organizing an expedition to climb a remote and unique peak, getting the best out of our tools  to avoid little mistakes that can ruin the whole dream, building training schedules, food diaries, gear inventory, engaging board services on base camp, blogging from basecamp up to the summit… and coming back safe and happy to tell the story and getting ready for the next extreme challenge.
This blog is not only about my story of how to climb a big 8000, but also about the true spirit of PFE, how to overcome our limits by working towards clear targets with passion and determination. This blog is a gateway to share the story, getting support from my colleagues, and sharing ideas on how to use our tools to make my dream come true.


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