How to set your goals so you actually achieve them? – by Angelica Horvatic

So – you want to summit the Everest? Everest Base Camp? Kilimanjaro? A mountain close to you? No?

You want to complete an Ironman? A Marathon? 5k charity run? No?

You want to get more time for yourself? You want to get fit and healthy again? Do I hear – a Maybe?

Setting and achieving a goal feels amazing, would you agree? So what’s the reason so many people don’t even bother setting their goals, while others don’t achieve the goal they set?

There are so many reasons… Not having time, money, being too old, being too young, not being young enough, not being old enough, not being fit enough, not being strong enough, list goes on and on…

AND – so sorry – I must break your world of limiting decisions – those are simply, just your – EXCUSES!

Yes I did – I have just call you lazy and I called your “reasons” – excuses and limiting decisions!

What are you going to do about it?

Well – the best you can do is to start setting yourself goals and start achieving them!

It feels AWESOME – and also – you can prove me wrong!

How to set a goal?

  1. Be very specific what is that you want to do, have or be. Goal needs to be set so simple that even 3 years old kid can understand it!
  2. Put a measure on your goal so you know when you are close to achieve it AND you can celebrate when you actually ACHIEVE it
  3. Set a goal that is meaningful to you. It must be something YOU really want to have, do or be – something you are totally nuts about!
  4. Your goal must be achievable and realistic ( becoming taller still – ISN’T – one of them! )
  5.  Your set goal should be ecological and have positive impact on all areas of your life ( some call it KARMA! )
  6. By just even setting your goal you should be able to “act as if now” – you should practice visualizing yourself achieving it – walk and talk like you are already there!    Why? That will actually help you break all those fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and it feels – AMAZING!
  7. Take 110 % responsibility for your goal! One of the main differences between achievers and non-achievers are actually in taking ownership of the set goal.
  8. Set a deadline to achieve it – put exact date, even the time of reaching your goal and place that date on your fridge, office desk, in your diary etc. – so it keeps you on track!
  9. Set towards ( positive ) goals – in another words – write, think, speak about what you want and NOT what you don’t want!
  10.  Plan a celebration of your reached goal – no matter how small or big your goals are, do reflect on the time it took you to achieve it and feel proud about yourself!

Conquer your mountain!



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