Training mind and body

Training my mind and body is becoming an amazing and addictive adventure as I approach the date when I’ll be flying off to Kathmandu and Tibet on April 4th 2013. These days I’m very focused on the physical part of the training and I have achieved incredible personal marks, getting stronger by the minute and smarter on the way I train. During this fantastic journey I’m looking for new ways to build up stamina and mental toughness, reading quite a lot about the subject and trying different things by myself. Very recently I crossed paths up in the highest mountain in Oman, Jebel Shams, with a coaching specialist and endurance athlete, and I’m very happy to say she is determined to help me diving into fears and looking for strengths as we develop a strategy to feel not only physically strong but also ready to conquer the Top of The World.

“Angelica Horvatic is a passionate Wellness Coach with over 3 years experience in London and 8 years in Dubai.

She has been recognized in Dubai as the leading Wellness Coach for lasting lifestyle change, interviewed regularly for Time Out Dubai, 7 Days, The National, Gulf News, Lancaster Times Magazine, Fitness First Newsletters,

After four years of Law University she decided Fitness and Health would be her true career direction. It was a long and daunting process as she first needed to lose about 20kgs and dramatically change her own approach to food and the exercise to be actually able to help others.

At the same time as helping others achieving their goals, she has pushed her own limits – from total non-sporty kid who struggled with the simplest exercise tasks in the school, overweight 20 yrs old with very poor posture, back and other aches – she is today more than successfully running the marathons, competing in numerous adventure races and world championships, winning the fitness competitions.

Using her experience, Wellness Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy she helps people break their bad routines, remove their limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns and encourage them, instead, to move forward and develop new, successful and positive habits towards their wellness goals.

Angelica currently lives and works as a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Dubai”



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