Day 4: Burning time with shopping and the Inet

Today it has not been a very exciting day. I spent most of my day hunting for a new set of cheap yet strong duffle bags to replace the ones I’ve been using since I climbed Island Peak in Nepal few years back. For this Everest expedition I have plenty of new climbing gear. We mountaineers and rock climbers are crazy about our gear, always haunting for new stuff to use up the hill. But at the same time we also have that old harness, helmet or shirt that we refuse to replace years after years, a kind of romantic fetichism 😛

It looks like the fake NF bags with decent quality are all sold out so I just wasted half of my day 😛

Then I spend a lot of time setting up my designated expedition laptop. Phil provide us with four of them at BC, and hopefully a reliable internet connection, as well as satellite phones and Thuraya Nova SIM cards, all for free! He believes on the importance of us to be in touch with our families and friends during the time we are resting at BC.

I’ve also worked on my blog and sending some emails and FB updates. Not a very exciting day but somehow productive.

Yallah, one more day in this nice hotel drinking Everest beer and we are off to Kodari to cross the border and start our trip in Tibet.

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