Day 6: Leaving Kathmandu!

Finally we are off to the Tibet border, leaving Kathmandu to Kodari in about 30 min. The trip in a small bus is going to take us 4 to 5 hours depending on the traffic. We are spending the night in a crappy guesthouse and we’ll wake up very early with the intention of being the first team crossing the border.

We’ve just got the official numbers, and this year we are 7 teams climbing from North side, while 47 are attemting from the easy South route. We’ll be about 200 including climbers, sherpas and Base Camp crew, and 1200 in the South… One Ice Doctor Sherpa has already died in the Western Cwm, along with a trekker on the way to South BC. Now I know I’ve taken the right decission going on the cold and windy North route!

As off today our plan is to spend one night at Kodari, and after that we have decided to drive straight to Nyalam and skipping dirty Zhangmu who was our second stop in the initial plan. We’ll spend two nights in Nyalam and two more at Tingri before we get to our beautiful and quiet Base Camp. We are planning to relax for seven days more at Base Camp before we start moving up that big mountain.

I will be sending satellite updates before I get to Base Camp and from there we’ll work out some solutions to have a decent internet connection.

A million thanks to all my family, friends and sponsors for cheering me up from the distance all these days of standby at Kathmandu. The real adventure is about to begin!

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Leaving Kathmandu!

  1. Lancho says:

    Mucha suerte desde tu tierra natal y ánimo. Aquí te esperamos para que nos cuentes el viaje en el siempre con el sandwich de siempre.
    Un abrazo.

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