Day 8: Rest day at Nyalam

Today we are resting at Nyalam at an altitude of 3780m. We woke up pretty late, not sure when since I’m totally messed up with the time zones. At the moment of writing this post it’s 23:00 Tibet time, 20:45 Nepal, 19:00 Dubai and 15:00 Spain. I was quite excited with my plans for today: Breakfast followed by a nice hike in a nearby peak, hot shower, lunch, visit to the Internet cafe, and dinner with some beers and good laugh.

I finally skipped the lunch and the Internet cafe, since I finished my hike late, the internet connection was quite bad and the place full of cigarettes and smoke. The hike was awesome! Difficult start since I’ve not exercised much in the last few weeks, but I ended up going up to 4300m and running down fast like hell. My new Salomon trail running shoes are amazing, they give me very good support and grip, even in snow. I could not get any higher since a snow storm was threatening and I had not gear to take any risk. I decided to have a warm super long shower and watching a couple of old climbing movies with Nelson in the comfort of our sleeping bags. Dinner was horrendous. Chinese food is not bad, but it normally comes with a surprise that will ruin the whole dinner. Today I’ve found in one of the dishes a nasty spice which tastes like ginger but ten times stronger and it burns your mouth and lips. The taste remains there for hours. My clothes smell like greasy food and cigarettes, but I’m glad to say today I feel quite optimistic and strong. I need to exercise regularly or my mood gets grey like the Tibetan sky.

We’ve also got good news for breakfast. Phil managed to recover the confiscated generators and medical kits. He knows some people and many tricks 😉

Our Sherpas left this morning to Base Camp, since they don’t need to acclimatize and they have to start setting up the Camp.

Tomorrow we leave this horrible town to spend two more days in one that is even worse, Tingri. At least I hope we have an internet connection to send this updates and some emails. I miss being connected to my family and friends…

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