It’s the final countdown

We are approaching exciting times, since today looks like most of the stars are getting aligned for us to go on the Summit Push.

The Tibetan rope fixers left Base Camp two days ago, and they must be very close to complete the work, getting all fixed lines in place above Camp 3.

Our Sherpas left four days ago to provision Camp 2, in two rotations. They already left 44 bottles of oxygen up there before coming down to BC for a good rest when the weather went crazy at ABC on the 3rd of May. They were expected to complete this work tomorrow, but yesterday we learned some of them went crazy and carried double load, meaning they don’t have to go up again. That is absolute madness… 33kg backpack with oxygen and other supplies up to 7850m. They are the only Sherpas in the North side that can take the challenge of carrying insane loads with bad weather (high wind speeds), and the reason for this is because they have plenty of oxygen bottles to be used at their own discretion. They have the best climbing gear, such as brand new Mountain Hardwear tents, delicious food and plenty of beer. Name any other Sherpa in the Everest these days that is treated equally as we Westerner climbers do… Our Sherpas of course are strong with high oxygen flow rates into their masks, and they are very motivated with extraordinarily good salaries. The motivation does not come from a summit bonus, although I guess Phil will include some if we summit early and with no major issues this year. Having these guys moving so fast and strong on the mountain makes me feel very safe and confident here. If something goes wrong these true heroes will be around us to get things sorted out 🙂

As for the weather conditions, looks like there is a tiny windows opening now and closing around the 12, with high winds on the 14-16, and dropping down again on the 17th. But we need our heroes to provision Camp 3 on the next couple of days and coming down to ABC for two days rest… Therefore we are forced to wait a bit more while looking at the weather predictions before deciding when to leave Base Camp, probably in three more days…

Lets hope for a good weather window to open of us anytime around the 19th so that I can be back home on the 25th to celebrate both my Everest Summit and Birthday with Angelica and all my friends ❤

2 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown

  1. Sechisse says:

    Viva zamora

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