“Success is the point where preparation meets opportunity” – Everest Expedition from Tibet side 2013 – Presentation

Are you planning to climb big mountains? Is Sagamartha your ultimate goal? Do you watch all those climbing movies, read all the Everest books, and you want to ask questions and learn more?

Join Javi Clayton and Sports in Life in this presentation of a five years journey preparing to reach The Top of the World.

Preparing to climb big eight-thousanders requires experience and commitment and is a life experience that change us adventures and mountaineers for the rest of our lives. On this presentation hosted by Sports in Life in their showroom in Dubai, we are going to discuss the concepts of Success, Preparation and Opportunity. Talking about how to set clear and realistic goals, walking around the problems while taking the right decisions

Is the Everest North Route suitable for the Rookies? We are going to have an open session to discuss the differences between the two most popular climbing routes in Everest, looking at facts and figures, and trying to get an insight on a total different experience climbing from two different sides of a mountain range separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

We want to make the session educative and having all attendees to learn and share their knowledge. Building a community of mountaineers in Dubai is still a challenge, and we hope to host a large group of Mountain Junkies in UAE, and start to working together on bringing awareness on this “sport”, inspiring the local community and youth to reach the most beautiful and extreme places in our Mother Earth.

Everest climber Javi Clayton will walk the audience through the following topics

  • Expedition logistics
  • Training in Dubai (by International Sport Expertise)
  • You are what you eat
  • Training mind and body (by Angelica Wellness Coach)
  • Gearing up for Everest
  • Technology over 7000m
  • The high altitude aid kit
  • Processing, disinfecting and transporting water
  • The challenge of exercising and staying hydrated under extreme weather and high altitude conditions
  • New challenges… Greenland WindSled project 2014


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Presentation cover

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