Artic Mountaineering and Bolivian Peaks: 2 months to go!

It´s been a long time since I set off for my last mountaineering challenge, 12Km in 12Days, back in July 2014… Today marks the countdown for a new double challenge starting in the Artic and finishing in Bolivia.

Exactly two months from today, I’ll set off to Reykjavik from my second home in Madrid. From there I’ll transfer to Akureyri in Iceland, where I’ll meet my expedition leader and partners before we board a small airplane that will take us to our Artic playground: The Liverpool Land peninsula in eastern GREENLAND! One week of Polar Training for prospective North & South Pole expeditions and Greenland Icecap crossings, followed by two week’s Arctic Mountaineering expedition in Liverpool Land. Our aim is to stablish base camp in the Sødal valley where easy access can be gained on to the Bjering Pedersens icecap. This high icecap offers access to numerous peaks with unparalleled views of other alpine summits, glaciers and the ice berg studded east coast, and offers the opportunity for rare ski and mountaineering ascents of remote arctic summits in this amazing and rarely visited region of the High Arctic. We are looking to climb some virgin peaks, as well as opening new routes in classics such as Tvillingerne or Korsbjerg.

Two months later I’ll be conquering some of the most spectacular peaks in Cordillera Real in Bolivia, home to more than 600 peaks over 5000m. My plan is to conquer 6 peaks in 12 days. My 12km in 12Days challenge in 2014 was an unforgettable experience, where I met my friend Walter George, AGMP/UIAGM Mountain Guide in Peru, and we aimed to climb two 6000m peaks in twelve days. This year we are aiming to climb CERRO AUSTRIA, PIRAMIDE BLANCA, PEQUEÑO ALPAMAYO, CABEZA DE CONDOR, HUAYNA POTOSI, and the jewel crown ILLIMANY! All six peaks ranging from 5320m to 6438m, just in twelve days.

I’ve been quite busy working out all logistics and setting up an ambitious training plan, considering I’ve been in the dry docks for about two years now. Today the start of my training plan kicks off, and I’ll be posting some interesting stuff in my Facebook page and blog, for those friends interested on learning more about mountaineering and how to train for challenges in the Artic, Bolivia, or anywhere else in this wonderful planet we call HOME.



3 thoughts on “Artic Mountaineering and Bolivian Peaks: 2 months to go!

  1. Lancho says:

    Suerte en el nuevo proyecto. Desde Madrid seguiremos tu camino durante esos 6 picos y todo el proceso de entrenamiento. Estoy deseando ver fotos!!!

  2. Clayton says:

    Gracias Lancho. Hago parada en Madrid en mi viaje a Groenlandia y Bolivia, así que nos vemos muy pronto!

    • Lancho says:

      Pues aquí estaremos para quitarte un poco el Jetlag antes de irte. Por cierto, la localización que has puesto antes se ve correctamente.

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