Competing in the ICEMAN Polar Challenge, the ultimate Arctic Adventure Race!

ICEMAN Arctic Adventure Race followed by Mountaineering Expedition to Liverpool Land in Greenland.

What is the best way to practice everything learnt in a Polar Training? Competing in the ICEMAN Polar Challenge, the ultimate Arctic Adventure Race!

Iceman Polar

Bordering the world’s largest frozen fjord and biggest National Park, the race route traces on of the most stunningly remote regions of the high arctic. Hurry Fjord, the spectacular Liverpool Land mountains and Greenland’s most isolated village, Ittoqqortoormiit form the backdrop to the latest in extreme adventure racing.

The emphasis on this three weeks expedition will be on gaining good all round winter Arctic and polar experience and learning to operate safely whilst ski touring and pulk sledge hauling. The initial Polar Training and Adventure Race will involve fantastic opportunities to travel on a variety of terrain including frozen fjords, icecaps, glaciers, valleys and sea ice. A small and dedicated team will pull pulks throughout the ICEMAN Arctic Adventure Race route and be camping in full snow and winter conditions.

Competitors will endure challenging sub-zero temperatures and test their skill, commitment and resilience on this multi-day adventure. This is the world’s toughest Arctic mountain ski race. Beautiful, tough and absolutely unforgettable.

Once the training and race are completed on the first week, a small and dedicated team will depart from Constable Point by snowmobile with an aim to establish base camp in the Sødal valley where easy access can be gained on to the Bjering Pedersens icecap. This high icecap offers access to numerous peaks with unparalleled views of other alpine summits, glaciers and the ice berg studded east coast. Camping will be in full snow and winter conditions throughout for the remaining of the three week’s expedition.

The beauty of the area is that there isn’t any climbing history, guidebooks or detailed maps. It’s true exploratory mountaineering in its purest form. The more obvious summits have been climbed, but only by their easiest routes, so anything other than that will be a first ascent. There are hundreds of routes in the region, so plenty to go at! We’ll probably want to climb the high peak of Korsbjerg as well.

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