Best Paragliding Documentaries/Movies & Podcasts/Webcast


Ciclos 1 – The epic story of three brazilians three records and an astonishing adventure in the northeast of Brazil

The city of Quixadá, in the northeast of Brazil, is considered one of the best spots in the world for long distance free flight. In the spring of 2007, a group of brazilian pilots went on an unprecedented attempt to break together the open distance world record. Ciclos is an invitation to the enchanting world of paragliding, revealing the perspective, sensations and the épic battle to break two south american records and the world record itself.

Chasing Summits

Veso Ovcharov, François Ragolski and Petar Loncar went to Pakistan and flew above the stunning landscape of Pakistan! This is their journey!

This movie is a personal project and I don’t make money with it! So if you want to help me, just share it with your friends!

Himalayan Journey

A Journey on the Himalayan Mountains in India flying a paraglider.

Surfing the Sierras

“A highly engineered piece of fabric, some impossibly skinny lines, a harness big enough to hold some emergency gear, food and water, a radio, gps, vario, a sleeping bag and a mountain range in California that stretches over 800 kilometers. And a few knuckleheads who think it’s possible.”

A team of paragliders sets out to break the distance record for vol bivouac flying in North America across the Sierra Mountains in California. A stunning visual journey that highlights the beauty and risks of self supported flight.


Our sport has grown and developed in ways that no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Everything that we love about free flight has evolved from the same roots, yet now we have the opportunity to engage in it through so many different avenues. ‘Inspired’ brings us into the lives of a few pilots – some you know, some you don’t – who have immersed themselves in the various forms of flight, personally and professionally. We visit each pilot in their home environment where they share with us their local playground, and the source of their inspiration. We vol-biv into the wild and roadless California Sierra under a 5000m cloudbase. We discover the origins of a world record holder’s life altering decision to make paragliding her sole focus. Speeding through the southern Alps provides a meditative release for one professional flier and another is intentionally homeless, circling the globe year after year. In the end we see that ‘paragliding’ is now so multi-faceted that one lifetime is barely enough to absorb all of the experiences it has to offer.

Though the ways in which these pilots express their dedication is different, their underlying passion is similar, and it is unifying. As pilots, we share something that brings us together on a deeper level. We like to think that we are all equally inspired by nature, and driven by the elements.

Frequent Flyers Project #1 – Paragliding in New-Zealand

Frequent Flyers Project #2 – Paragliding in Nepal

Frequent Flyers Project #3 – Paragliding in Namibia

Frequent Flyers Project – Paragliding in New Zealand, Nepal, and Namibia – Combined Episodes

Traveling for an extended period of time (more than 8 months), especially with a wing, harness, and a reserve parachute, clearly deviates from the ordinary. There is always the question of weight, bulk…. When you are traveling in “backpacker-mode” and you don’t plan to fly everyday, you can really wonder whether it’s worth to take your glider or not … But even if your wing, harness, helmet (and maybe a rescue!) add weight and volume to your original bag, traveling with your paraglider in some remote areas opens up a range of amazing discoveries and encounters, that you would have never imagined as a “simple tourist”. We are two regular pilots. We do not seek to break records or doing some crazy tricks, but only to have fun, to fly on original sites and to meet this fabulous small community of free flying world. 

Airman by Andy Hediger

AIRMAN es la historia de André Hediger, un hombre del vuelo.

Andy es uno de los pilares de la Red Bull Acroteam, fue pionero en el vuelo en parapente llegando a consagrarse campeón del mundo; su inquietud nunca ha dejado crecer, es piloto de pruebas multidisciplinario e incluso diseñó y perfeccionó diversas aeronaves que hicieron del vuelo deportivo una actividad al alcance de todo el que sienta deseos de volar.

Andy llega a sus cincuenta años con un pasado lleno de empeño y tenacidad; tras haber sufrido accidentes y pérdidas irreparables en la práctica de su deporte, demuestra que la pasión que siente por el vuelo no es sino una potente arma para superar y alcanzar los retos propuestos.

La vida de Andy sirve como combustible para inspirar y motivar aquellos momentos de derrota a los que todos nos vemos expuestos.

“Hay historias que se cuentan en vida”… esta es una de ellas.

Ganadora “Mejor Pelicula Deportes Aereos” FIA El Yelmo 2016 – España

Ganadora “Icaro del Publico” St. Hilaire 2016 – Francia

Ganadora “Aventura Humanitaria” St. Hilaire 2016 – Francia

Ganadora “Mejor Film del Festival” 19 ABP – Brasil

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