Climbing a Volcano – Mt Damavand دماوند

I finally have my flight tickets to Iran, and that means there is no way back for my next extreme challenge… I have two weeks more to train for a three days ascent to the highest volcano in Asia, and highest mountain in the Middle East, Mt Damavand. This beauty is 5610m high and I’m doing one the hardest routes in the north east face. Last year I did my first volcano in the States, Mt Rainier, 4392m in only two days, and it was the hell of a beautiful and hard climb! Few months before that I did amazing Island Peak in Nepal, with 6189m and plenty of days to acclimatize. This challenge will be physically extreme, since I’m climbing 580m less and I only have three days to complete what it normally takes 4… Time to test my lungs between the sulfuric fumaroles. Two weeks left for training… two weeks countdown starts just now!!!



This picture of Mt Damavand was taken during my Winter Climb of Korma Kuh in 2011

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